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Wednesday, October 5th at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

Since 2020 the number of cyberattacks on healthcare environments has grown at an alarming rate, but the collective impact, frequency and resulting damage have gone largely undocumented. Informed by several recent studies, the August 2022 release of “The Insecurity of Connected Devices in Healthcare” has significantly clarified the cyberattack landscape. From financial impact to compromised patient care, the report represents a collective voice of healthcare leaders from 517 hospitals across the United States. Among the findings:

  • 76% of healthcare ransomware victims have been attacked three or more times
  • 47% of healthcare organizations hit by ransomware paid the ransom
  • 88% of attacks involve IoT / IoMT devices
  • 43% of hospitals have suffered a data breach in the last two years
  • And tragically, 24% of attacked hospitals note a rise in mortality rates following a cyber attack

These numbers are further backed by real-life stories that paint the clear risks – vulnerable PACS servers exposing millions of records, hijacked hospital robots with privileged physical access controlled from afar, and new hospital environments infected with malware before the first patient is even admitted.

Join Cynerio team members as they discuss key findings from the report, the wide ranging impact on hospitals and their patients, and clear actions that can be taken by hospital staff, leadership, policy makers and others within the healthcare community.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss and share data-driven research focused on healthcare facilities including financial motivation of attackers, shifting attack patterns, targeting of newer technologies, and increasing risk among IoT/IoMT devices.
  • Educate peers on the challenges related to in-place IT investments and why they do not effectively protect against modern-day ransomware and cyber attacks.
  • Share details related to the industry-wide impact of cyber attacks coupled with specific examples that show the reality of risks they will face in their environments. These examples will include impacts on patient care, operational availability, and financial risk to organizations.

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