The rapid pace of digital transformation, while essential for growth and competitiveness, often outstrips the ability of cybersecurity measures to keep pace, leaving gaps that can be exploited.

Tony Bradley

Senior Contributor
April 10, 2024

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Bringing Empathetic Security Leaders To The Table

Taylor Lehmann, the healthcare specialist of the OCISO, emphasized the importance of networking within a specific community and the deeper knowledge necessary to be effective in helping customers. He explained, “We’ve got a whole framework of federal and state laws and regs that make it hard to really understand all of what a CISO has to do in this industry and then in the sub-industries. What hospitals have to deal with is different than what health insurance companies have to deal with, which is different than what pharmaceutical companies have to deal with—in big and important ways.”

This philosophy of empathetic, industry-specific leadership does not merely aim to address immediate security concerns but seeks to forge a deeper connection with clients, understanding their long-term strategies, regulatory landscapes, and operational intricacies. By bringing a wealth of personal experience and empathy to their roles, leaders within the Google Cloud Office of the CISO offer a unique blend of strategic guidance that resonates with clients on a level that goes beyond the technical. This approach not only builds trust but also facilitates more meaningful, impactful collaborations that align closely with clients’ specific business objectives and challenges.

Customer Insight: The Value Of Google Cloud’s OCISO

I spoke with a couple OCISO clients to get an outside perspective on what the OCISO provides. The narrative they each shared underscores the impact of this collaborative model, bridging the gap between Google Cloud’s technological capabilities and the nuanced security needs of its diverse clientele.

Errol Weiss of Health-ISAC highlighted the strategic benefits of leveraging Google Cloud’s global brand and extensive technology offerings to amplify Health-ISAC’s cybersecurity capabilities and outreach. This partnership—and the direct engagement with Google’s product engineers beyond purely sales interactions—allows for substantive dialogues on product features and security enhancements. This “Google white glove service,” as Weiss described, exemplifies the exceptional support Health-ISAC receives and illustrates the unique collaboration.

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