Pulled quote from Health-ISAC’s Chief Security Officer:

“Hospitals are vulnerable to cyber attacks because they often rely on huge interconnected networks and servers,” said Errol Weiss, chief security officer at the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, a cybersecurity nonprofit.

“When you look at a modern day hospital, it’s a big IT information technology environment,” he said. “The servers that are doing everything from electronic health records, patient entry, intake of patients, distributing medicine, imaging systems, medical devices ….every single one of those is dependent on that network to perform its job.”

Hospital Sisters Health System hospitals, including St. Elizabeth’s in O’Fallon, Ill., are attempting to restore control after a cyber attack caused outages for weeks


HSHS hospitals, which operates St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in O’Fallon, Illinois and other locations in south central Illinois, is bringing its technology back online after an attack from cyber criminals resulted in a system-wide outage across its entire network, which also has hospitals in Iowa and Wisconsin.

HSHS officials have confirmed the outage was caused by a cyber attack. It brought down phones, medical records, imaging software and other systems for more than two weeks, causing doctors and other personnel to care for patients without vital technology.


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