WEDI Virtual Spotlight; Lessons Learned from a Ransomware Attack

Workgroup for Electronic Data Integration (WEDI) Spotlight segment: Lessons Learned From a Ransomware Attack, the Exploring Ways to Strengthen Healthcare cybersecurity panel. Hosted by WEDI co-chairs, Marilyn Sigmund Luke of AHIP and Tina Grande of the Healthcare Leadership Council.

66% of healthcare organizations were hit by ransomware last year, and the complexity of such attacks is only growing. How can you protect yourself from an attack you don’t see coming? Watch this special spotlight featuring security experts and professionals with first-hand experience that can help you plan, prepare, and recover from a ransomware incident.


Access this on-demand recorded session on YouTube here:





1. Threats and Mitigation Update by Nick Rodriguez, 405 (D) and Darrell Hall, HC3.

2. Lessons Learned from a Ransomware Attack with Stephen Leffler & Douglas Gentile of University of Vermont Medical Health Network.

3. Panel: Exploring Ways to Strengthen Cybersecurity. Denise Anderson of Health-ISAC and Chris Lodico of BCBS Illinois weigh in with the rest of the panel.

Top 3 takeaways as we enter the new year:

Denise Anderson: The threats [to healthcare] are not going away but will evolve; have an enterprise risk management perspective with an operational resilience mindset ; and you’re not alone – rely on your peers and community to share and collaborate with each other.

Chris Lodico: Don’t go hunting a unicorn. Rather, be willing to train individuals from non-security backgrounds. On security, go back to basics and prioritize. Let risk be your guide.

Doug Gentile: From a provider view, get ready to be hacked and make it a priority and have good business continuity plans in place. Review your cybersecurity insurance t understand it fully.

Steve Leffler: Assume an incident will happen; have a plan and adapt it to the circumstances; and invest in protection the best that you can and keep it current.


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