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Safeguard Your Healthcare Organization from Ransomware Attacks Using Microsoft Solutions You Already Own


This whitepaper by Health-ISAC Navigator, LevaCloud, offers organizations insight on how to safeguard against ransomware, healthcare organizations can build a strong foundation using the Microsoft tools they already own. These tools include Microsoft Security and Compliance Toolkit, Microsoft Secure Score, Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager, Azure AD Password Protection, Multi-Factor Authentication, Microsoft Intune/Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Defender Firewall, and Microsoft Purview Information Protection. To store sensitive data securely, organizations can store it in OneDrive for Business.

By implementing these measures, healthcare organizations can proactively secure their systems and sensitive data from ransomware attacks.


LevaCloud Ransomware Whitepaper

Ransomware is a significant threat to healthcare organizations and has become a top concern for IT security decision makers. Ransomware attacks have doubled between 2016 and 2021 and the payment amount demanded by the attackers is trending upwards. Healthcare organizations are vulnerable to ransomware attacks due to the complexity of their cybersecurity programs and the need to balance the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their systems and sensitive data while providing the best possible patient care.

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