The ViVE conference in Nashville, powered by HLTH and CHIME, offered an overview of the latest developments in health tech spanning interoperability, cybersecurity, price transparency, behavioral health and health equity.

Health-ISAC mention:


Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer for Health with Health ISAC presented some of the findings from its latest cybersecurity report at the Cybersecurity Pavilion. He drew attention to a new trend in phishing that he referred to as call back phishing.

He noted that some cybercriminals have figured out that if they can get targeted people at a company to call them back, they can walk them through how to install malware by duping the target into thinking they are actually installing software to protect their computer. In some cases, the email only has a phone number to call.

Looking ahead, Weiss observed that remote patient monitoring increases cybersecurity risks because it increases the surface area at risk. He also cautioned that Chat GPT and Google Bard pose cybersecurity risks to healthcare organizations because bad actors could use them to fine tune their cyber attack strategies.

Following his presentation, Weiss noted that smaller hospitals, which rarely have a full time IT department, could focus on using patching to back up data.

“Working groups are sharing best practices and templates for internal procedures. We’re big advocates for a partnership approach between providers and business associates as opposed to contentious relationships.”


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Navigating the Challenges of Price Transparency: Highlights from ViVE

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