TribalHub Podcast with Michelle Bouschor, Senior Connection & Resource Manager, Tribal-ISAC

Health-ISAC President and CEO and chair of the National Council of ISACs (NCI) Denise Anderson delves into the latest emerging threats within the health sector, providing insightful analysis and practical strategies to mitigate risks. Tune in as she discusses the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity in healthcare, how it translates to tribal health care facilities, all while offering invaluable insights for professionals navigating this rapidly evolving field.

“Hospitals have become a target for threat actors because they are so prevalent and are critical to society’s function,” says Denise Anderson in the podcast.

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April 17, 2024

A recent survey conducted by the Health-ISAC of 400 health executives showed the top 5 emerging threats in health for 2024 to be:
1. Phishing/ Spear Phishing Attacks
2. Ransomware Deployment
3. Data Breaches
4. Third Party Partner Breaches
5. Social Engineering



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