SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only service with over 1.3 million companies continuously rated. The SecurityScorecard platform is used by over 1,000 organizations around the world for third-party risk management, cyber risk monitoring, board reporting, and cyber insurance underwriting. SecurityScorecard offers organizations valuable insights into the vulnerabilities that exist in their own environments and their third-party ecosystems. With sophisticated data collection techniques, attribution of millions of proprietary and open-source data feeds, and advanced machine-learning algorithms, SecurityScorecard measures, analyzes, and reports risk. With an easy to understand A-F scale (companies with a C or below are 5X more likely to be breached), SecurityScorecard provides actionable information that can be used to drive remediation and reduce risk.

For H-ISAC Members

H-ISAC members are eligible to receive complimentary access to a SecurityScorecard instance that entitles them to continuously monitor their own organization AND up to five (5) third parties (ie. vendors, suppliers, competitors).  Members who are already Security Scorecard customers will be given the ability to monitor an additional five (5) third parties at no additional cost.


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Self Monitoring Offer

With SecurityScorecard’s Self-Monitoring offering, organizations can monitor, understand and manage their cybersecurity strength and posture. The platform lets you:

  • – Identify and continuously monitor your organization’s public-facing digital footprint
  • – Segment assets across products, services, and geographies
  • – Monitor digital assets and surface issues in accordance with 10+ leading security frameworks, such as NIST or ISO
  • – Prioritize and remediate issues by providing actionable recommendations on every finding
  • – Build prescriptive remediation plans to achieve a target score
  • – Understand any company’s historical environment, track remediation progress, and access historical scores and an issue event long
  • – Enable cyber compliance, audit remediation, and attestation with industry-standard frameworks, such as GDPR or HIPAA
  • – Stay abreast and act-on score changes via robust notifications
  • – Benchmark any organization in comparison to peers and competitors
  • – Communicate cybersecurity posture to non-technical audiences using an easy-to-understand A-F rating

Third-Party Monitoring Offer

In addition to self monitoring, H-ISAC members can select up to five companies to continuously monitor with SecurityScorecard.  These companies can be suppliers, partners, customers, or competitors.  SecurityScorecard third-party monitoring offers the same level of detail and information as the self monitoring offering (but for third-parties).  By combining SecurityScorecard’s continuous monitoring solution with its alert engine, you can remain a step ahead in your fight against threat actors by receiving alerts when there are changes in your third-party ecosystem that warrant your attention.

Upgrade Offer

In addition to above, each H-ISAC member is eligible to take advantage of preferred pricing on the following Vendor Risk Management license upgrade bundles: 10 Company Bundle, 25 Company Bundle, 50 Company Bundle, 100 Company Bundle, 1000 Company Bundle

Please contact your SecurityScorecard representative (will be assigned upon provisioning) for pricing information on upgrade bundles.

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