Health-ISAC quoted in CNN article: Health care organizations with a presence in Ukraine — or that work with suppliers there — are isolating computer networks serving that part of the business to guard against potential hacking threats, according to Errol Weiss, chief security officer of the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, a global cyber threat sharing group for health care providers.

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Washington (CNN)The FBI is asking US businesses to report any uptick in Russian hacking threats — the latest effort to prepare for potential Russian cyberattacks on US organizations amid Russia’s troop buildup on Ukraine’s border.

“Have you identified any efforts by known or suspected Russian [hacking groups] to test exploitation capabilities, develop new malware or otherwise prepare for cyber operations?” the FBI asked in a January 21 request for information to US businesses obtained by CNN.
The FBI told US firms to email the bureau if they had found “any increased [cyber] activity against Ukraine or US critical infrastructure,” including against financial, health care and energy companies.
It’s just one of a series of quiet preparations that US officials have made to guard against any potential hacking threats from the Kremlin should the US levy heavy sanctions on Russia for a renewed invasion of Ukraine.
There haven’t been any reports of specific, significant Russian hacking threats to US infrastructure. But US officials aren’t taking that for granted — given the history of Russian cyber campaigns against US organizations, including an effort a few years ago to breach energy and water firms.
At least one previous Russian cyberattack in Ukraine has had global ramifications.
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