H-ISC Digital Risk Protection and Management

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H-ISAC Tier 1 members can sign up for a free annual Risk Findings Report. The report highlights real example and findings across our capabilities including socially engineered attacks, impersonations, brand reputation risks and domain detection among other use-cases:

– Company Name (Qty 1) Digital Threats to your organization, reputation, and revenue

– Executive/VIPS (Qty 3) VIP impersonations, account hacking, credential theft and spear phishing

– Domain (Qty 1) Identify impersonating and spoofed domains

H-ISAC members can sign up for 30 days of free service with the option to convert to an annual discounted subscription:

– Brand Protection (Qty 1) Protect your organization, reputation and revenue against targeted digital attacks

– Executive Protection (Qty 5) Protect VIPs against impersonations, account hacking, credential theft and spear phishing

– Domain Protection (Qty 1) Identify and dismantle impersonating and spoofed domains to protect owned websites

– Remediations (Qty Unlimited) Takedown of content that violates terms of services for publicly accessible sources

– Exposure or Research Report (Qty 1) Custom analyst research report covering organizational exposure or special topics of interest Threat Intelligence Services Finished intelligence, third-party risks and geopolitical reports

– Report of Findings (Qty 1) Summary of the first 30 days of ZeroFOX engagement and results

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