Strategic Threat Intelligence: Preparing for the Next "SolarWinds" Event


Health-ISAC / AHA Threat Intelligence




As the impact of the SolarWinds incident is still being investigated and discussed, the American Hospital Association (AHA) and Health-ISAC collaborated on this strategic intelligence analysis to identify what other “SolarWinds” like issues might be lurking in enterprise networks.

The paper is meant for all audiences, non-technical and technical, as we present strategic level decision elements that senior leaders including C-Suite Executives can use to help understand the risks involved with certain enterprise IT systems in their network environment.

We then provide detailed technical analysis and recommendations for IT and information security teams to help address immediate concerns by providing tactical mitigations and recommendations. For our technical audience, this paper presents a detailed analysis of characteristics that allowed the SolarWinds incident to affect multiple industries, organizations, and systems. The ability to extract the characteristics and features of SolarWinds could allow organizations to predict and hopefully prevent the next “SolarWinds”-like event in their enterprise environments


How Health-ISAC and AHA Work Together

The AHA and Health-ISAC have urged for more ways to improve cyber security in a global approach to defend against cyber threats. Hospitals and health systems, and the patients they care for every day, are heavily targeted by cyber adversaries, including sophisticated nation-states. Defenders have made great strides to protect their networks, secure patient data, preserve health care services’ efficient delivery and, most importantly, ensure patient safety. However, it cannot be done alone. Hospitals and health systems need more active support from the public and private sector to defend patients from cyber threats.

Health-ISAC and AHA partner in a variety of ways. Highlighting just a few examples regarding information sharing, Health-ISAC shares many threat and vulnerability reports with AHA for the benefit of their 5,000 member hospitals. AHA and Health-ISAC will continue to work together to ensure tactical threat and vulnerability intelligence is broadly shared with this community. Health-ISAC and AHA will also continue to collaborate on strategic threat analyses, much like this report, in the future.




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