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"Cyber threats know no borders. Cybersecurity is a global problem and the more we can coordinate and collaborate together as one in the world’s healthcare community, patient care will be safer and more resilient."

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Denise Anderson

President and CEO of Health-ISAC

Health-ISAC is a community of healthcare organizations that conduct operations all over the planet. We have members with headquarters in 15 European countries and members with operations in every country in Europe. Europe is a very important area for Health-ISAC.

Our mission in Europe is to foster a connected community and forum that centers on the regional cyber and physical threats to healthcare within the European regulatory landscape. Health-ISAC is a founding member of the European Council of ISACs, and through collaboration and awareness, Health-ISAC aims to strengthen the physical and cyber security and resilience of critical infrastructure — particularly patient care — in Europe.

Health-ISAC collaborated to strengthen critical infrastructure resilience by creating a dedicated ISAC-to-ISAC automated sharing capability known as ATLAS, or Analyst Threat Landscape Awareness System, and conducts numerous workshops, exercises, annual summits, webinars, and other events in the region. We have staff located in Europe, an office in Belgium, and are developing monthly threat briefs and other guidance with a focus on regional issues. And of course, we share information including best practices, indicators, and mitigation strategies.

Health-ISAC’s European Council is a robust community of Health-ISAC Members with operations in the region that focuses specifically on the security issues relevant to Europe and the activities the countermeasures Health-ISAC develops to address them. In 2023 for the first time, the Health-ISAC through the European Council will be awarding the Securitas Award for information sharing in Europe.


Health-ISAC collaborates to strengthen critical infrastructure resilience via a robust automated sharing capability known as ATLAS, or Analyst Threat Landscape Awareness System. ATLAS provides an efficient and automated cross-sector platform to share threat indicators and intelligence globally to help critical infrastructure organizations improve their resilience and stay secure.

Today, ATLAS connects dozens of ISACs, ISAOs, global CERTs, and information-sharing communities with threat intelligence on emerging risks and vulnerabilities. ATLAS allows information-sharing teams to quickly assess the criticality and impact of sector-agnostic events to bolster the resilience of network and information systems within critical infrastructure consistent with NIS2 directives.

Securitas Award

The Securitas Award is presented to an individual or team from a member organization judged to best exemplify collaboration, information sharing, active membership, and increased value to the cybersecurity community in the European region. 2023 was the inaugural year for this award and was presented at the Health-ISAC European Summit, October 17th-19th in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

2023 Securitas Award Winner

Congratulations, Eva Telecka
As the first recipient of the Securitas Award, Eva Telecka, Executive Director, IT Security & Risk Management BISO EMEA, at MSD, is a champion sharer of information, helping to protect the health sector and the Health-ISAC community in Europe. She hosts and speaks at Health-ISAC workshops, webinars, and Summits in Europe and participates on the European Council. Eva stood up working groups around NIS2 and security issues like operations during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Previous Events

European Cyber Threat Landscape Tour

June – October 2023

Come join Health-ISAC for lunch and a free half-day workshop and opportunity to network with peers.

The agenda will include relevant topics such as:

  • – NIS2
  • – Ransomware
  • – Incident Response
  • – Best Practices and much more.

European Summit

17th-19th October 2023

If you work in or manage healthcare security, the European Summit is a 2.5 day event you will not want to miss. The agenda and networking opportunities are invaluable.

The event was two days packed with engaged talks and discussions and networking in a thriving community demonstrating that collaboration and sharing is a key element in improving cybersecurity in the Healthcare space for the benefit of patients. Big thank you to the Health-ISAC team to create the appropriate environment!”

Attendee, 2022 Fall European Summit Algarve, Portugal

Click and listen to attendee feedback from past Summits

Healthcare Cybersecurity Workshop

April 19, 2023

Join other stakeholders in the healthcare cybersecurity community to share, network, and learn.

The workshop topics include OT Security, Security Awareness, Data Lake for Next Gen SIEM, and more.

The Hobby Exercise provides opportunities for organizational continuous improvement while increasing healthcare sector resiliency.

Attend the workshop, the Hobby exercise – or both!

Sponsored by

Healthcare Cybersecurity Workshop

May 29, 2023

This workshop will provide an opportunity for healthcare security professionals to share best practices, lessons learned, current threats, new ideas, and solutions with their colleagues.

The workshop also provides an opportunity to meet and build relationships with colleagues in the healthcare cybersecurity ecosystem.

Topics for this workshop include:

– Responding to Incidents of Cybercrime
– Current Cyber Threat landscape
– Medical Device Cybersecurity
– Enterprise Risk Management
– NIS2

Radical Health Event

12th – 14th June 2023

Healthcare is a puzzle where every stakeholder needs to play its part. To support each and everyone of them, Radical Health Festival Helsinki is assembling a different kind of puzzle where renowned content contributors  offer their areas of expertise and networks of global experts for the benefit of all, including the European Society of Cardiology, CHiME International, Frontiers Health, HUS, éditohealth and many more.

This network of knowledge also guarantees that we gather the entire European health innovation ecosystem under one roof: policy-making authorities, public health agencies, patients and patient organisations, hospitals and health systems, pharma and medtech groups, public and private insurers, major IT vendors as well as startups and entrepreneurs, clinicians and health professionals, investors, academics, and more.


European Council

The Health-ISAC European Council Mission is to advance and foster collaboration among European organisations – public, and private.  The Council provides an infrastructure and community where our European Members can network on regional needs, share best practices and focus on issues and threats the Members face.

Council Co-Chairs

Eva Telecka


Tony Clarke


News and Alerts

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ENISA, is the Union’s agency dedicated to achieving a high common level of cybersecurity across Europe.

FIRST is the global Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams.

The Computer Emergency Response Team for the EU institutions, bodies and agencies.

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